Ask the Expert: How can policymakers encourage public engagement in climate change and sustainable behaviours?

Given that building a low-carbon society and tackling climate change may feel like an insurmountable challenge to many people, how can policymakers respond to encourage individuals to make their lifestyles sustainable?

In this installment of the SMF and ESRC Ask the Expert seminar series, Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh (Cardiff University) outlined recent research into how carefully-considered policies that advocate behavioral changes and give cause for optimism in the fight to combat climate change.Research from Cardiff University shows that how we communicate, who and what we focus on in our interventions, and getting the timing right are all fundamental for encouraging sustainable behaviours.

But who decides what behaviours should be changed? What has worked and not worked so far to foster sustainable behaviours? And what does a low-carbon society look like?


Professor Lorraine Whitmarsh

Professor of Environmental Psychology and Director of the UK Centre for Climate Change & Social Transformations, Cardiff University

Chair: James Kirkup, Director, Social Market Foundation



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