Chalk + Talk: Public sector pay with Professor Carol Propper

The Government has made clear its desire to allow for variations in public sector pay. Although plans for the NHS and Prison Service have been sidelined, changes are on the way in education.

In plans announced late last year, the national salary structure for classroom teachers will be relaxed, allowing headteachers the ability to reward high-performing teachers with significantly higher pay, while allowing them to keep others’ static. But it remains to be seen how well the proposals will work in practice. Will they allow disadvantaged schools to attract the best teachers? What will they mean for educational outcomes? And what will these changes mean for the wider debate on public sector pay?

March’s Chalk + Talk event welcomes Professor Carol Propper, who has researched the impact of pay regulation in education and in the NHS. Her latest research showed that for every 10% increase in an area’s average private sector wage, there was the loss of approximately 1 GCSE point per pupil. Her earlier work showed that pay regulation in the NHS has affected the quality of healthcare produced in high cost areas.

Propper, a Professor of Economics at Imperial College and Professor of the Economics of Public Policy at the University of Bristol, will discuss the findings of her research and what it means for the Government’s proposals

This event is kindly supported by the ESRC.

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