Chalk + Talk with Professor Bridget Anderson: Who is the migrant and why are we worried?

Join us for the next in the ESRC sponsored Chalk + Talk series with Bridget Anderson, Professor of Migration and Citizenship and Deputy Director at COMPAS, University of Oxford.

Date and time:
Thursday 30 October 2014, 1230 – 1330
A light lunch will be served from 1200

Social Market Foundation
11 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3QB

Everyone is talking about immigration. Policy makers, academics and the general public all are agreed that this is the ‘age of migration’, even if they disagree about what the response to this ought to be. But who is the migrant?

Professor Bridget Anderson will distinguish between the migrant in law, policy, data, and in the wider public debate and demonstrate how these figures do not map on to one another. She will discuss the issues this raises for citizens and our understanding of what citizenship is.

Chalk + Talk is the SMF’s popular lunchtime seminar series, run in partnership with the ESRC. Chalk + Talk brings the best policy output from the world of academia into the heart of Westminster.

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Download slides from Professor Anderson’s Chalk + Talk session here.