Risk and reward: can social impact bonds breathe new life into public services?

Rt Hon Iain Duncan Smith MP, Secretary of State for Work and Pensions; Rt Hon Danny Alexander MP, Chief Secretary to the Treasury; Toby Eccles, Development Director, Social Finance; Robyn Fairman, Assistant Chief Executive, Westminster City Council; Clare Thomas MBE, Chief Grants Officer, City Bridge Trust; Matt Robinson, Head of Social Investment, Cabinet Office; More speakers tbc
Chair: Ian Mulheirn, Director, Social Market Foundation
The Coalition Government is seeking to bring about a revolution in the way public services are run. Instead of a top-down model, where public services are delivered according to set targets, ministers are keen to explore alternative models where providers are held accountable through consumer choice and outcome-based payments.
Social impact bonds, in which investors assume some of the risk – and attract financial reward – for achieving set policy goals, are one such innovative model. The benefits of attracting private capital to public services in troubled economic times are obvious. But in which new policy areas can social impact bonds be deployed? 
Can private capital really fill the gap left by public sector cuts? And how can social impact bonds be designed in order to attract significant amounts of private capital?
Hear from two senior Cabinet Minsters about the Government’s aspirations for the use of social impact bonds
Share your views and ideas about how social impact bonds can work in public service delivery
Meet policymakers, investors and service providers at this high profile events in central London.