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Latest Publications:


AntiSocial Britain and the Challenge of Citizenship

AntiSocial Britain is critical of politicians of all parties for attempting - and failing - to appease consumerism instead of arguing for citizenship, and for accepting a range of social responsibilities which they cannot fulfil.
Published: 05 June 2007
Author: Peter Bradley

Permission to engage?

In this essay, published in 2004, Paul Richards observes that voter disengagement, particularly among the urban working class, is effectively bringing about the reversal of the Reform Acts.
Published: 27 August 2004
Author: Paul Richards

Accountable Government: (Reasonably) simple actions Whitehall, Parliament and Brussels could do to promote transparency and accessibility

This report outlines the findings of the Business Forum: Regulatory Best Practice Group, which canvassed views from the business community on the difficulties they face in dealing with the institutions of the government.
Published: 13 August 2004
Author: SMF’s Business Forum Regulatory Best Practice Group