EU Social Market and Social Policy

“It is a safe bet that the social market will outlast the Third Way, indeed it probably already has”

Lord David Owen, one of the founders of the SDP, played a key role in the establishment of the Social Market Foundation. In this publication, Lord Owen looks at the social market today. His analysis takes in different EU member states and argues for a continuing negotiation of the balance of responsibility for social and economic policies between the EU and member states.

At this time of political and economic upheaval across Europe, this publication is a timely contribution to an ongoing debate in UK domestic politics. With trust in politics in the UK at a low ebb, is it time to look to Europe for a new social market model for the economy?

This publication, part of the ongoing celebrations of the SMF at twenty-one, looks back at the intellectual history of the Social Market Foundation to show how social market ideas can influence policy and politics into the future.

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