SMF Briefing: Paying for results? Rethinking probation reform

The Government's plans to introduce 'payment-by-results' into the probation system risk backfiring because their proposals mean that private and third sector organisations are in danger of losing money if they try to cut re-offending, new analysis finds today.

In May this year the Ministry of Justice produced the blueprint for its planned reform of probation.

This briefing note examines the detailed proposals for the all-important payment by results aspect of the scheme. The analysis shows that the proposed payment regime creates perverse incentives such that providers risk making losses if they seek to cut reoffending.

The paper offers solutions to the problems identified that would improve incentives on providers and offer much better value for money to the taxpayer.

This research is kindly supported by Stonham Home Group

Read responses to this paper from Richard Johnson, the Probation Association, Dan Corry and Russell Webster

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