Robbins Rebooted: How we earn our way in the second machine age

In this pamphlet the Shadow Minister for Universities, Science and Skills, the Rt Hon Liam Byrne MP, sets out options for reforming Britain's universities to boost the country's knowledge economy and open high paying technical and professional jobs to all.

The 1963 Robbins Report paved the way for the widespread expansion of Higher Education in the UK and set out the principle that “university places should be available to all who were qualified for them by ability and attainment”. Robbins Rebooted reaffirms the Labour Party’s commitment to this principal. Byrne also expands upon Labour’s vision for the Higher Education system post-2015 and covers important issues about the future of research funding and the provision of more technical qualifications. Robbins Rebooted outlines the importance of Higher Education to Labour’s vision for ‘more inclusive economic growth, based on more high skill, more high wage jobs and fewer low skill, low wage jobs’.

The pamphlet also acts as a response to former Universities and Science Minister David Willett’s SMF pamphlet Robbins Revisited: Bigger and Better Higher Education, launched in October 2013.

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