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Episode 7 | Ask The Expert: How do we better support the UK’s older carers?

There are almost 1.3 million carers in England and Wales who are aged 65 and over. Figures from Carers UK indicate that the numbers in this age group are increasing more rapidly than the general population of carers. Research Director Scott Corfe speaks with Professor Sue Yeandle, Professor of Sociology and Director of CIRCLE, University of Sheffield about these individuals who often go unidentified and the many challenges they are likely to face.

Episode 6 | Ask The Expert: Future of Housing | 3 solutions for the next PM

With a new Prime Minister about to step behind the door of No. 10, is the time ripe for a new approach to housing in the UK? In this talk, SMF Director James Kirkup sits with Professor Christine Whitehead, Emeritus Professor of Housing Economics at the LSE and Jeffrey Matsu, Co-investigator, CaCHE; Senior Economist at RICS.

Episode 5 | Mental health in men and boys

With suicide being the leading cause of death among men under 50 in England and Wales, there has rightly, in recent years, been a rising awareness of mental health issues that affect young men and boys. In this episode, James sits with Professor Ann John, Professor of Public Health and Psychiatry, Swansea University to discuss this topic – how can the right support be provided?

Episode 4 | Low Carbon Economy

In the fourth episode of SMF’s new Ask the Expert podcast series, James is joined by Professor Jim Watson, Director of the UK Energy Research Centre. They explore how to continue to reduce emissions whilst paying more attention to the fair distribution of costs and benefits.

Episode 3 | The Ethnicity Pay Gap

In this talk, Dr Longhi gives an overview of ethnic pay gaps in the UK and discusses the possible reasons for the observed differences. Particular attention will be paid to what the analysis of average pay gaps can and cannot reveal.

Episode 2 | UK’s Push and Pull Factors for Asylum Seekers

This talk with Dr Lucy Mayblin, Senior Lecturer of Sociology at the University of Sheffield, explores the reasoning given by successive governments for these restrictions on the economic rights and entitlements of asylum seekers: that they act as pull factors for disingenuous applicants. What is the evidence to support this claim and do economic restrictions work as intended?

Episode 1 | Brexit: Options for Parliament

In the first of our new Ask the Expert podcast series, we are joined by Professor Adam Cygan, lecturer in EU law at the University of Leicester and Brexit lead researcher on Parties, Parliament and the Brexit Process at The UK in a Changing Europe.

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