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The Future of Integrated Care

Join us for the launch of a major new report with Health Minister Norman Lamb MP. The report explores ways in which the next government can carry out the integration, and proper funding, of health and social care services.

Wealth in the Downturn: winners and losers

Join us for the launch of a new report on the winners and losers of the 2008 recession.

Bargaining on a low income

This event sees the launch of a report exploring how policymakers can help low income households extract value from consumer markets with Alison McGovern MP, Shadow Minister for Children and Families.

Chalk + Talk: Britain and the EU

Professor Anand Menon of King’s College London will discuss Britain’s strained relationship with the EU at our latest ESRC sponsored Chalk + Talk session

Savings in the Balance

Social Market Foundation launches a new report exploring household saving behaviour.

Unlocking Development

Join us for a reception to launch Unlocking Development, a new publication from the University of Warwick’s Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) in association with the Social Market Foundation.

Good Culture in Financial Services: Does the Model Matter?

Please join us for the launch of a new Social Market Foundation publication ‘Good Culture in Financial Services: Does the Model Matter?’, kindly supported by LV=.

Party Conferences 2014

Our 2014 fringe programme will seek to tackle issues from our key research priorities: increasing productivity; changing financial services; tackling the cost of living; and, reforming public services. See a full list of our activity across the three conferences.

Liberal Democrat Party Conference 2014

The Social Market Foundation’s Liberal Democrat Conference Fringe Programme

Conservative Party Conference 2014

The Social Market Foundation’s Conservative Conference Fringe Programme

Labour Party Conference 2014

The Social Market Foundation’s 2014 Manchester Fringe Programme

Venturing Forth: Increasing High Value Entrepreneurship

Launch of a new SMF report which sets out the links between entrepreneurial activity and growth; and address the barriers holding back those with the most potential.

SMF Summer Reception: What’s next for the radical centre?

The SMF Summer Reception is bringing together the voices of the radical centre (our term, not theirs) for a shared discussion about the big issues lying beneath public service reform.

SMF Keynote: Rt Hon Vince Cable MP

A Keynote Address at the SMF by the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills the Rt Hon Vince Cable MP

Chalk + Talk with Professor Patrick Dunleavy

Professor Patrick Dunleavy, LSE, will discuss ways of increasing productivity in public services

The Meritocrat’s Manifesto with Dominic Raab MP

Launch of ‘The Meritocrat’s Manifesto’ by Dominic Raab MP. Raab will debate The Guardian’s Aditya Chakrabortty.

Unlocking Development: The role of enterprise

Policy roundtable with CAGE Warwick on the role of enterprise in development.

Chalk + Talk with Professor Stephen Gibbons

This Chalk + Talk summarises recent quantitative research on neighbours, peers and educational achievement

Chalk + Talk with Professor Dieter Helm CBE

Professor Dieter Helm will discuss what’s next for UK energy policy.

How can we tackle in-work poverty?

This roundtable will ask if tax, wage subsidies & minimum wages are the right tools to tackle in-work poverty

Chalk + Talk with Professor Karen Rowlingson

Professor Karen Rowlingson will discuss the role of wealth in inequality.

Child poverty: Does throwing money at the problem work?

As part of JRF’s 2015 anti-poverty strategy, this events will discuss child poverty and social mobility.

Chalk + Talk with Professor John Kay

Leading economist Professor John Kay will discuss the economic challenges facing an independent Scotland.