Ask the Expert: What impact does free childcare have on the maternal labour supply?

Our ‘Ask the Expert’ series is aligned with current government consultations and parliamentary inquiries, giving you the opportunity to engage with experts in those policy areas.

In 2015 the Government announced plans to double the amount of free childcare provided to some working parents. As preparations are made for this policy to be launched nationwide, this seminar will explore its possible impacts on maternal labour supply.

Dr Sarah Cattan presented research on the impact of part-time vs. full-time free childcare on maternal labour supply, examining and comparing the impact of providing of free part-time education for all 3-year-olds and free full-time education for all 4-year-olds in England. This research was co-authored with Mike Brewer (ISER/IFS), Claire Crawford (Warwick/IFS) and Birgitta Rabe (ISER).

Dr Sarah Cattan, Senior Research Economist in the skills sector at The Institute of Fiscal Studies

Nida Broughton, Chief Economist, Social Market Foundation