Chalk + Talk: Lord Robert Skidelsky

Lord Robert Skidelsky will join us for our first Chalk + Talk event of 2013.

In 1928 John Maynard Keynes predicted that within a century per capita income would rise steadily, people’s basic needs would be met, and no one would have to work more than fifteen hours a week. But while capitalist economies have become more efficient over the past eighty years, Keynes’s prophecy has not materialised. People continue to work long hours, and the modern economy is characterised by the drive for more and more wealth.

But what are the consequences of this drive for wealth? Is economic growth the be all and end all of economic policy? And is there a better way to measure economic progress? Lord Robert Skidelsky will discuss the themes of his recent book How Much is Enough? and ask whether GDP growth is a self-evident good.

This event is kindly supported by the ESRC.

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