Could the Treasury be the Ministry for Wellbeing? Lessons from New Zealand

At this event we were joined by Girol Karacaoglu and Joey Au from the New Zealand Treasury on wellbeing based policy development and the New Zealand Treasury’s Living Standards Framework.

The New Zealand Treasury’s vision is to achieve higher living standards for its residents, using a much wider set of measures than just income to define wellbeing. This roundtable presented a rare opportunity for people in the UK to learn from the New Zealand approach.

This event was held in partnership with What Works Wellbeing, an independent collaborative organisation whose mission is to develop and share robust, accessible and useful evidence that governments, businesses, communities and individuals can use to improve the wellbeing of people in the UK.

Girol Karacaoglu, Deputy Secretary (Chief Economist), New Zealand Treasury
Joey Au, Senior Advisor to the Chief Economist, New Zealand Treasury