Discrimination on Airbnb

Roland Rathelot, research associate at the Centre for Competitive Advantage in the Global Economy (CAGE) at Warwick University launched his report about discrimination and ethnicity on the online property platform Airbnb.

The research uncovers biases of some guests using the site when selecting accommodation on Airbnb in North America and Europe. It investigates price differences based on the ethnicity of hosts, exploring some of the factors behind those discrepancies. It looks into steps the site currently offers to mitigate this discrimination, and what further measures it might take in the future.

Roland Rathelot will discuss this research, its methodology and findings, drawing out the implications for online platforms and discrimination, and what this data can tell us about equality, prejudice and bias in online marketplaces and beyond.

Roland Rathelot, research associate, CAGE at Warwick University

Emran Mian, director, Social Market Foundation


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