Election 2015: Digesting the Labour Manifesto

The Social Market Foundation is hosting a series of debates that aims to scrutinise and evaluate each party manifesto.

The second of these events will focus on the Labour Party’s commitments, please join us for a fun and informal lunchtime debate.

If you missed the event you can catch up with our podcast below:


Date and time:
Tuesday 28 April 2015,12.30 – 13.30
Lunch will be served from 12.00

Social Market Foundation 11 Tufton Street, London, SW1P 3QB

Ryan Bourne, Head of Public Policy, Institute of Economic Affairs
Ryan Shorthouse,
Director, Bright Blue
Sonia Sodha, former adviser to Ed Miliband

With the campaign for the 2015 General Election in full swing, we eagerly await a comprehensive picture of what each political party is promising. Manifestos form the bedrock of the parties’ messages to voters, and enable the public to compare and contrast their key policy commitments.

“The fundamental truth that runs through this manifesto is that Britain will only succeed when working people succeed.”

Ed Miliband, the 2015 Labour Manifesto.

Key debate questions:

  • Which are the most surprising elements of the 2015 Labour manifesto?
  • Which commitments are particularly strong, and which might the Party come to regret if they find themselves in power?
  • Is this a “winning” manifesto? Will it inspire and mobilise?