In conversation with Lord Heseltine and Chuka Umunna MP

Lord Heseltine
Chuka Umunna MP
Evan Davis

As the UK economy recovers from the financial crash of 2008, the role of government in promoting or hindering growth is an issue of urgent importance. Each of the main parties is seeking a new approach to government’s relationship with the market economy, in reaction to the laissez-faire approach of recent decades. But a central question that hangs over these efforts is how such a strategy can be devised to avoid some of the policy mistakes of the past.

Lord Heseltine’s recently published industrial policy review sets out 89 specific recommendations for government to create the conditions for growth. At the same time, the Labour Party is developing its thinking on industrial policy, led by Shadow Secretary of State Chuka Umunna MP.

This unique cross-party events will see Lord Heseltine and Chuka Umunna MP debate what an effective industrial policy should look like and what it could deliver.