Working it out: responses and recommendations to the rise in self-employment

Self-employment in the UK is rising, and it brings challenges as well as opportunities. This event launched a new pamphlet edited by Rachel Reeves, Labour Member of Parliament for Leeds West, to discuss those challenges and responses for policymakers to consider.

Listen to the event here

The pamphlet looks at the rising trend in self-employment from a variety of perspectives, including tax, regulation and red tape, pensions and mortgages, trade unions and the self-employed, enterprise education, coops, and the legal status of the self-employed. It identifies a range of challenges encountered by the self-employed, and makes recommendations for what needs to be done to address them.

This event was sponsored by trade union Community.

Rachel Reeves, Member of Parliament for Leeds West
John Park, Assistant General Secretary, Community
Jane Walton, social entrepreneur
Benedict Dellot, Associate Director of Economics, Royal Society of Arts

Vicky Pryce, Board member, Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) and former Joint Head of UK Government Economics Service


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