SMF Summer Reception: What’s next for the radical centre?


Liz Kendall MP
Norman Lamb MP
Jesse Norman MP


Mary Ann Sieghart, SMF Chair

Panel discussion 19.00 – 20.00 followed by a drinks reception until 21.00

While the permanent campaign means that partisan politics never go away, for one evening only we are bringing together the voices of the radical centre (our term, not theirs) for a shared discussion about the big issues lying beneath public service reform.

There is a consensus that spending cuts will continue after the election. Yet some existing reform programmes are facing big challenges. And the easy options for savings may have been used up. Further change will depend on a powerful account for why it is needed, especially against a backdrop of economic growth which might suggest that a new phase of austerity can be postponed.

The Social Market Foundation has worked on the reform of public services since its inception on a cross-party and non-partisan basis. Emran Mian, the SMF’s Director, will be publishing a new essay to state our perspective and this event features leading politicians from each of the major political parties describing their vision for reform, the priorities, the challenges and the prospects over the next Parliament.