Speech by Baroness Tina Stowell, Chair of the Charity Commission for England & Wales

The Rt Hon Baroness Stowell of Beeston MBE gives her final speech as Chair of the Charity Commission at the Social Market Foundation.

Charity – its unifying force is needed more than ever, yet at risk like never before

In her final speech as Chair of the Charity Commission, Tina Stowell gives a candid and personal account of why she was determined to bring a greater understanding of all public opinion and respect for public expectations to the regulator’s work – what she’s learned during her three years at the helm, and why she believes the same committed approach to understanding other people’s points of view is vital from everyone operating in the public realm for us to build a stronger, united and more prosperous society.

Reflecting on the divisions exposed by recent democratic events, the inequalities laid bare by the pandemic, and the political struggles being fought in all arenas and on every platform, Baroness Stowell argued that the future of charities as one of the most powerful contributors to a better, stronger society relies on them uniting people and avoiding the dangers which put that precious benefit to society at risk.

Following a keynote from Baroness Stowell, SMF Director James Kirkup chaired a Q&A session with audience members.


  The Rt Hon Baroness Stowell of Beeston MBE , Chair, Charity Commission

James Kirkup  James KirkupDirector, Social Market Foundation