‘The politics of the market after the crash’ with John Kay, Dieter Helm and Robert Skidelsky

This British Academy Forum will offer a wide-ranging discussion of the politics of the market economy in the light of the financial collapse.

It will bring together leading academics, journalists and policymakers, to discuss the post-Thatcher economic settlement in the UK, and the extent to which the events of the past four years necessitate a rethink of that settlement.

The lunchtime Forum on 26 January will ask:

  • Should the financial crisis and the UK’s poor economic prospects cause us to rethink the liberal rules of economic policy?
  • Should we continue with strict fiscal mandates, or is discretionary fiscal policy more effective?
  • Why should finance be regulated in different ways to other sectors of the economy?
  • What role should governments play in stimulating growth?
  • Are the uneven effects of the crisis and recession in danger of damaging the legitimacy of the market economy, and what should be done to strengthen that legitimacy?

Ian Mulheirn (Director, Social Market Foundation) will chair the Forum. Lord Robert Skidelsky FBA, Professor John Kay FBA and Professor Dieter Helm will outline how the boundaries between market and state should be redrawn after the crisis.