Unlocking Development: The role of enterprise


Dr Rocco Macchiavello, Department of Economics University of Warwick
Professor Chris Woodruff, Department of Economics University of Warwick


Nida Broughton, Chief Economist, SMF

The role of enterprise is central to the future of emerging economies; if the poorest countries are to become rich, their business sectors must be transformed. But where will prosperity come from? Developing countries are abundantly supplied with one of the most important factors of production: entrepreneurship, with much of the workforce made up of those in self employment or one step away from self employment.

At this policy roundtable event please join the authors of an upcoming CAGE report on this topic to discuss the role of enterprise in development, how opportunities for prosperity can be unlocked and how governments, non government agencies and corporate actors can contribute.

CAGE is a research centre in the Department of Economics at the University of Warwick. The centre’s research programme is focused on how countries can alleviate poverty and improve productivity, living standards, and wellbeing in the long run.