What makes a good apprenticeship?

Charlotte Leslie MP, Co-Chair, Associate Parliamentary Skills Group
Lord Young of Norwood Green
Clare Harbord, Director of Corporate Communications, Heathrow Airport Limited
Ian Mulheirn, Director, Social Market Foundation (Chair)

Since 2010 the Government has articulated a major commitment to apprenticeships as a means of up-skilling the workforce. Its ambition to double the number of new starts in apprenticeships during the course of the parliament has led to a significant increase in the number on offer. But, with outcomes from apprenticeships mixed, a number of recent reports have suggested that the real challenge is to boost the quality of apprenticeships. This breakfast discussion will focus on what a quality apprenticeship scheme should look like and what policy can do to foster them.

  • Is there a danger that the Government’s focus on apprenticeships treats them as an end in themselves rather than a means to an end?
  • What can we learn from existing apprenticeship schemes?
  • How can the Government facilitate quality apprenticeship schemes?