Will the 2019 General Election be the death of the two-party system?

At this Ask the Expert panel session, convened during the 2019 General Election campaign, our panelists reflected on what impact the UK’s smaller parties might have on the outcome of the General Election, as well as the health of the UK’s two-party system as we enter a new decade of British politics


Professor Roger Awan-Scully (Cardiff University), author of The End of British Party Politics? (2018) will take us across the devolved nations and discuss how the fragmentation of party politics in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland might stack up in the next Parliament.

Paula Surridge (University of Bristol) will be exploring a number of scenarios in which the UK’s smaller parties might play a decisive role in the outcome of the election, including addressing the Brexit Party’s decision to stand down in Conservative seats and the effectiveness of the Unite to Remain alliance.

Stephen Bush (New Statesman) will be reflecting on some of the tipping points of the campaign so far and assessing who the winners and losers might be among the smaller parties.



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