Working well: How employers can improve the wellbeing of their workforce

Thi event launched a report that explored how levels of wellbeing vary across different sectors of the economy; and what employers can potentially do to improve wellbeing.

This project has been kindly supported by Neyber. Neyber is a new financial services provider that offers saving and low cost borrowing solutions for workforces.

Robin Walker MP, Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Credit Unions
Charles Cotton, Chartered Institute of Professional Development
Monica Kalia, Founder, Neyber

Emran Mian, Director, Social Market Foundation

The UK has a serious productivity problem – we’re about a third less productive than the economies we are in direct competition with like the USA. This research considers what companies and public sector organisations can do to help their employees deal with the challenges of modern working life and improve productivity. While Silicon Valley start-ups have turned to unlimited holiday, office pets and endless snacks, these are unaffordable or just unworkable for many companies. Instead, we  consider which interventions might be better suited to a wider range of industries and public services. In particular, we focus on the under-studied issue of financial wellbeing in the workplace which financial service providers can have an important role in improving.

This event will introduce new analysis from the Social Market Foundation about how wellbeing has changed for workers in different industries over the past decade; how this is influenced by financial circumstances and the impact this has on productivity.