Markets in a State? The Social Market Foundation at 21

The Social Market Foundation was founded in late 1989, as state socialism collapsed in Europe. Today, a global economic crisis has brought us to another fork in the road.

We face economic stagnation and a heavy burden of government debt. The consequences of the crash will reverberate for years to come and the relationship between the state and the market will inevitably be redefined. But how?

Social market thinking can guide us on the uncertain road ahead. To mark its 21st year, the Social Market Foundation commissioned essays by leading politicians, academics and journalists on social market policy in a period of sustained economic crisis. In this wide-ranging collection, Mary Ann Sieghart, Ian Mulheirn, Philip Collins, David Lipsey, David Owen, Peter Lilley, Robert Skidelsky, Dieter Helm and John Kay suggest how the boundaries between the state and the market should be redrawn.

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