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Press Release: Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP launches SMF publication ‘Markets in a State’

Leader of the Opposition Rt Hon Ed Miliband MP has today delivered a speech to the Social Market Foundation to launch the SMF’s latest publication, Markets in a State.

The Labour leader called for “a new, more responsible, productive capitalism” that is “hard-headed – not soft-hearted.”

Mr Miliband outlined five plans for a new economy that works for all: reconnecting finance and the ‘real economy’; encouraging long-termism in business; addressing the shortage of vocational skills in the economy; a new commitment to responsibility over executive pay; and challenging the large concentrations of private power.

Ed Miliband’s speech was preceded by a panel discussion on the state’s role in making our economy work better, with Rt Hon Lord Owen, Vicky Pryce and Daniel Franklin.

To mark its 21st year, the Social Market Foundation commissioned essays by leading politicians, academics and journalists on social market policy in a period of sustained economic crisis. In Markets in a State, Mary Ann Sieghart, Ian Mulheirn, Philip Collins, Lord David Lipsey, Lord David Owen, Peter Lilley MP, Lord Robert Skidelsky, Dieter Helm and John Kay suggest how the boundaries between the state and the market should be redrawn.


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