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Press Release: Interpreting Work Programme performance (SMF Briefing Paper)

On 27 June the Government will release the next tranche of official statistics for the 2012/13 financial year showing how the Work Programme’s prime contractors have been performing against what is expected of them by the Department of Work and Pensions.

The SMF’s short briefing provides a guide to interpreting the official figures when they are released on Thursday.  We examine what the likely performance levels will be, based on past performance; explore the impact both of the economic context and the set-up of the scheme; and, draw broad conclusions about what the data release will and will not allow us to conclude about this flagship Coaltion programme.

It seems likely that providers will achieve performance levels much closer to the Government’s minimum requirements than they did back in November 2012. However, we find that it is unlikely providers will, on average, perform above the minimum levels for the main jobseeker group, raising serious questions about the design of the scheme.


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