Time for a refresh – welcome to our new website

Welcome to the new Social Market Foundation website.

This site is a little more than a simple refresh of our online appearance. It also reflects a clearer set of themes and priorities for our work. The broad categories we have created for our projects and outputs are not, of course, definitive or exclusive: work that we list under our Fair Markets programme will also touch on public services and employment. A project that is filed under Energy and Environment might also be relevant to local economies and communities.  And so on.

The object of these overlapping, complementary themes is to help describe the political economy that the work of the SMF aims to promote: one where the dynamism of markets works in partnership with a reformed, intelligent state to create and share wealth fairly and the biggest challenges of the age are addressed with public policies based on evidence, not dogma.

Thank you for visiting this site and for your interest in the SMF.  To hear more about us and our work, sign up to our newsletter and, of course, keep coming back to

Best wishes,

James Kirkup


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