Road to ruin? Public attitudes towards road pricing as an alternative to the current fuel duty regime

The UK's transition to electric vehicles is expected to result in billions of pounds of lost revenue for the Exchequer, raising questions about what system of taxation should replace existing motor taxes. This briefing sets out new public opinion data on one - often deemed controversial - solution: road-pricing.

Key findings

  • More people support than oppose road-pricing as a replacement for fuel duty. This holds true across income groups and regions.
  • Current motoring taxes are seen as significantly unfair and burdensome. Replacing them is therefore an opportunity to relieve that perceived unfairness.
  • When road-pricing is presented as a replacement for existing road and fuel duties, support rises and resistance is reduced.
  • 38% of respondents support road pricing on this basis. Only 26% of respondents were opposed.
  • There is more support for a simple per-mile road price than for variable road-pricing
  • A “free allowance” of miles, and tax hypothecation to improve roads and public transport, would increase support for road-pricing.


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